Premium Ply

LVL And Runners

Premium Ply LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a specially engineered plywood product that provides a high-performance and consistent alternative to steel and solid wood structural uses. Consistently proven for its structural stability, reliability & dimensional stability, Premium Ply LVL has repeatedly proven why it is the best choice for permanent solutions as a construction alternative.

Laminated Veneer Lumber is an engineered wood product manufactured by compressing multiple layers of select hardwood veneers. Premium Ply LVL consists of multiple plies of hardwood veneer, glued together with Phenolic Synthetic Resin adhesive and cross laid to maximise all strength parameters. Automatic glue spreader on core composer’s composed veneer ensures uniform glue application, absorption and retention. Veneer used in the production of Laminated Veneer Lumber is stacked together and bonded under heat and pressure by hot press of high capacity and strong adhesive to form a complete high-quality material. Being an engineered composite material, LVL overcomes the limitation of traditional wood products as it is both warp- and shrink- resistant.

Ever since LVL’s establishment as an excellent alternative to traditional material, it has never failed to inspire architects, designers, builders and end users. It is reliable, consistent and saves time and labour during construction, with an impressive visual appeal.

Our LVL is ideally suited to a wide range of light to heavy structural uses in both commercial and residential applications; including framing, rafters, joists, lintels, trusses, beams, formwork, and scaffold planks. Because of their high-performance characteristics, our LVL products can be used as suitable alternatives to steel, reinforced concrete, solid timber and finger-jointed wood.

0.65 to 1.20 gm/cm3

25, 30, 35, 50, 55, 75 and more

2440, 2745, 3050 and 3200 mm

Technical Specification

   Dimension BIS Requirement Observed Values
1 Length
2440 + 6
- 0
 2 Width
1220 + 3
- 0
3 Thickness 50mm 49.50mm
 4 Squareness 2 mm/1000 mm 0.95mm
5 Edge straightness 2 mm/1000 mm 0.50mm

Workmanship & Finish

Clause 7 Satisfactory
Physical properties
7 Adhesion of plies (in dry state) Some adherent fibre distributed more or less uniformly Satisfactory
8 In wet state after boiling 72hrs and cooling in water till room temp. ---do--- Satisfactory
9 In micro organism dry state after mycological test ---do---  Satisfactory
10 Modules of rupture 50N/mm2 70.566 N/mm2
11 Modulus elasticity 7500N/mm2 8255.28 N/mm2
12 Compressive strength parallel to grain Along - 35N/mm2 36.80 N/mm2
13 Compressive strength perpendicular to grain Along - 35N/mm2
Across - 50N/mm2
36.00 N/mm2
 14 Horizontal shear Along - 6N/mm2
Across - 8N/mm2
7.05 N/mm2
9.00 N/mm2
15 Screw holding power Edge - 2300N
Face - 2700N
Screw Nail
3150 1130
3250 1440
16 Thickness swelling with in 2 hours water soaking (3% Max)
With in 2 hours water soaking
With in 24 hours water soaking
0.42% Max