Compreg Plywood Flooring for Chemical Industry

A unique homogenous resin impregnated, chemical treated wood veneer based composite for application in chemical industry. Here all individual wood veneer layers are chemically treated, fully impregnated with specially formed phenolic resins and are then converted to assembled pack of required thick, pressed under high temperature and pressure and then removed from the press system by giving sufficient cooling. Material posses a very high inbuilt mechanical strength and does not have any reaction with dilute acids and alkalies. Its strength by weight ratio is very high when compared to iron and so it can use as a flooring martial in place of metal sheets.

Additional Info:
Std. Thickness (mm)
4 mm to 100 mm. (Depending upon customer’s requirement)
1.25 to 1.4 gm/cm3
As material does not react with dilute acids and alkalies, it finds use in industries like fertilizer, solvent extraction plant, chemical industries, pharmaceutical, etc etc.
500 to 3200 mm
WIDTH (mm)
500 to 1600 mm