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Container Flooring

Container Flooring offers 28mm thick densified shipping container flooring with an extraordinary lifespan. Container Flooring shipping container flooring is manufactured from rotary cut selected timber, with controlled moisture content. Impregnated with thermosetting adhesive, these veneers are densified under high temperature and pressure within controlled parameters.

The flooring of shipping containers are subjected to forklift movement and rough usage on a regular basis. As a consequence, shipping container flooring is prone to damage and thus requires repair and replacement. Superior grade adhesive and use of specially selected plantation hardwood; and manufacturing in state of the art processes ensures consistent weather resistance, durability and superior strength. The densified plywood shipping container flooring can be offered with anti skid surfaces upon client request.

Weight for weight, Container Flooring is much stronger than steel and makes an ideal replacement for shipping container flooring that requires abrasion resistant long lasting flooring. Due to its high density and use of thermosetting adhesives, Container Flooring is extremely resistant to the vagaries of nature and the abrasiveness of mud, water and sand. Container Flooring for shipping container flooring can be offered in custom sizes to ensure minimum number of joints; subsequently saving time and labour in floor laying.

Manufactured from select hardwood veneers, shipping container flooring consists of 19 plies of hardwood veneer, cross-laid to maximise all strength parameters. The resin used for shipping container plywood flooring is Phenolic Synthetic Resin adhesive, of BWP grade (boiling water proof). Solid content of the resin is more than 50%, which is used for strong bonding of Plywood Container Flooring. Automatic glue spreader on core composer’s composed veneer ensures uniform resin application, resin absorption and retention. Veneer used in the production of Container Flooring is stacked together using cross banding, and bonded together under heat and pressure by a hot press of high capacity and strong adhesive to form a complete high-quality material. The plywood sheet used in manufacturing is laminated by high GSM phenolic surface film as per the specific requirements to further increase its resistance to abrasion, warping and force.

Since Container Flooring shipping container flooring is manufactured as an industrial strong hardwood, it does not require constant maintenance and repairs compared to regular boards. The high quality shipping container flooring ensures your containers stay constantly in optimal conditions ensuring maximum utilization.

Floor of containers and heavy load carrying vehicles or other applications that require high strength durable material.

Cargo container flooring



  Size (in mm)

2440 x 1220 mm to 3200 x 1675 mm


BWP grade


0.65 to 1.00 gm/cm3

Technical Specification

Dimension BIS Requirements IICL TB-001 Observation Values
1 Length 2440mm 2442mm
2 Width 1220mm 1222mm
3 Squareness 2% 1mm
4 Edge Straightness 2% 0.95mm
5 Thickness 28mm 28.20mm


0.65 to 1.0 gm/cm² 0.90 gm/cm²
7 Plies 19 21
8 Moisture Contents Not to Exceed 14% 7.85%
9 Physical Properties
a. Breaking Load
690kg. 980kg.
10 Bond quality test
a. Boiling for hours & dry at 60 ± 2° C for 20 hours (3 cycles)
a) No Visible delimination Satisfactory
11 Compressive strength
a. Parallel to grain 35N/mm² 51.00N/mm² @12 mm comp.
b. Perpendicular to grain ad parallel to laminate 35N/mm² 48.63N/mm² @12 mm comp.
c. Perpendicular to grain ad parallel to laminate 50N/mm² 65.88N/mm² @15 mm comp.