Premium Ply

Truck Flooring

A compressed densified composite product based on woodveneer impregnated with phenolic resins product requires very high compressive strength and so structure of the veneer configuration is so designed to get maximum required mechanical properties. Here, resins impregnated veneers are assembled to required pack by putting each veneer one over another at right angles to each other and pressed under high temperature and pressure with the help of high capacity press. The pressed martial is then removed from the pressing system after giving sufficient cooling.

This martial possess following characteristics qualities and are as follows:-

Very high density, less moisture content, less moisture abortion properties, high tensile strength, high bending strength, high compressive strength, very accurate edges straightness, easy to cut any length and width by any heavy duty wood working machines, very high surface hardness coupled with high absorption resistance etc. Further every sheet will have two layers of metal net inserted inside the surface of the material from top and bottom as reinforcement so that the material can carry extra additional weight. Without fracturing the material at any point of its life.
It can be used in truck, commercial vehicle flooring & other industrial uses. Also in automobile sector deck, ceiling, paneling back rest seat, anti skid flooring etc.

12, 16, 19 & 25 mm

  Size (in mm)

2440 to 3350 mm in length 600 to 1820 mm in width


0.845 to 1.00 gm/cm3

Technical Specification

Dimension BIS Requirement Observation Values
1 Length
2440 + 6
- 6
2 Width
1220 + 3
- 0
3 Thickness 25mm 24.90mm
4 Squareness 2 mm/1000 mm 0.95mm
5 Edge straightness 2 mm/1000 mm 0.50mm

Workmanship & Finish

Physical properties
7 Density 0.95 gm/cm² 0.97 gm/cm²
8 Moisture Content 5-15% 7.90%
9 Bond Quatlity Test
Boiling - Drying @ 60+_2°c
4 Hrs. - 20 Hrs.
Three Cycles
a) No Visible delamination in glue line and plywood face
b) No forcible separation and fibre should be adhered between plies
10 Breaking Strength
250 x 50 x Thickness(mm)
Along - 550kgf
Across - 400kgf
11 Static Bending Strength
Along the grain M.O.E. Avg. -7500N/mm²
Ind. - 6700N/mm²
Across the grain M.O.E. Avg. - 4000N/mm²
Ind. - 3600N/mm²
Along the grain M.O.R. Avg. - 50
Ind. - 45
Across the grain M.O.R. Avg. - 30
Ind. - 27
12 Tensile Strength Along - 55 MPa
Across - 50 MPa
68.32 MPa
57.29 MPa