Premium Ply

Film Face Plywood

Our Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is compact and is made of toughened structural plywood. The offered plywood is made from selected hardwood veneers by treating it with special phenolic resin. Owing to this specific treatment, this plywood becomes reliable in terms of durability and moisture resistance. Strength factor of our Film Faced Shuttering Plywood make these withstand heavy load of concrete or the vibrations caused due to its pouring. Moreover, it finds extensive application in heavy industries, building bridges, tunnels and allied structural applications
Premium Film face Shuttering ply is widely used in the construction for making Bridges, Flyovers, High Rise Building etc.
12 & 18mm
10×4, 10×5
9×4, 9×5
8×4, 8×5
0.85 to 1.20 gm/cm3



Technical Specification (IS:4990)

SR No. Test ISI Requirement Observed Value
1 Moisture Content 5%-15% 7.50%
2(A) Glue Shear Strength Min. Ind, 1100 N 1365 N
  (Dry State) Avg. 1350 N 1465 N
2(B) Adhesion of piles Min. Pass Standard Excellent
3(A) Glue Shear Strength Min. Ind. 800 N 1120 N
  (after 72 hrs. Boiling) Avg. 1000 N 1245 N
3(B) Adhesion of Piles Min. Pass Standard Excellent
4(A) Glue Shear Strength Min. Ind. 800 N 1078 N
  (Mycological Test) Avg. 1000 N 1121 N
4(B) Ashesion Of Piles Min. Pass Standard Excellent
5 Tensile Strength  
(A) Along the grain Avg. 32.5 N/sq mm. 46.2 N/sq. mm
(B) Across th egrain Avg. 22.5 N/sq mm. 27.23 N/sq. mm
© Sum of Tensile 60 N/MM2 73.43 N/MM2
6 Modulus of Elasticity   
(A) Along the grain Min. Ind. 6700 N/sq mm. 9545 N/MM2
    Avg. 7500 N/sq mm
(B) Across the grain Min. Ind. 3700 N/sq mm. 5245 N/MM2
    Avg. 4000 N/sq mm
7 Modulus of Rupture
(A) Along the grain Min. Ind. 45 N/sq mm. 57.81 N/MM2
    Avg. 50 N/sq mm
(B) Across the grain Min. Ind. 27 N/sq mm. 35.40 N/MM2
    Avg. 30 N/sq mm